Our service for international patients

Besides medical and nursing services our International Office offers the following auxiliary services to make your stay as comfortable as possible:

  • Fast processing of enquiries such as providing solutions/offers within 24 hours
  • Individualized cost and time effective treatment packages
  • Translators in your native language or in English
  • Excellent hotel rooms and equipped apartments for accompanying persons on our premises
  • Airport transfer or pick-up services for patients and accompanying persons
  • Transparent and very competitive pricing system
  • Just 15 km away from the Frankfurt international airport

Krankenhaus Nordwest

Krankenhaus Nordwest in Frankfurt on Main is one of the largest and most innovative hospitals in southern Hessen. It was founded in 1963 as part of the 800-year-old "Foundation of the Holy Spirit" . Today, we diagnose and nurse over 50,000 patients p.a. in 10 main clinics with the guidance of four diagnostic and research institutes. 

Thanks to our medical, nursing and therapeutically expertise, our institution has enjoyed long years of experience in treating foreign patients. Thus we now offer individualized medical, nursing and therapeutic services at the highest professional levels combined with scientific guidance.

In Germany, our hospital is renowned for providing one of the best services in the following treatment centers:

  • Oncology and hematology - with a certified interdisciplinary tumor center
  • Neurology - especially acute stroke, inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, muscle and rheumatologic diseases
  • Orthopedic, trauma and spine surgery
  • Urology - with a certified prostate cancer center
  • General, visceral and minimally invasive surgery - with a certified colon center
  • Obstetrics and gynecology -with a fertility center and a breast cancer center
  • Metabolic and digestive diseases
  • Heart and circulation diseases
  • Vascular and thoracic surgery, sleep related respiratory diseases, angiology
  • Radiology and minimally invasive therapies - catheter guided interventional radiology 

As an oncology center certified by the German Cancer Society, we have distinguished ourselves in treating cancer patients in the Rhein-Main region and we place emphasis in interdisciplinary co-operation. 
We have a team of highly motivated medical doctors and specialised nurses that has gathered several years of experience, and is dedicated to meeting expectations at our international patients.